Tiger King Star Carole Baskin Admits In Old Letter She ‘Would Have Eventually Killed My Husband’! Whoa!

Carole Baskin has some explaining to do about a recently unearthed old letter of hers…

The Tiger King star — who took her turn on Dancing With The Stars this season, as well — is the writer of a very interesting old letter than has just been uncovered and publicized for a new TV special. In the letter, Baskin writes about how she “would have eventually killed” her first husband, a man named Michael Murdock, in order to get out of that marriage. But is more context necessary??

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Investigation Discovery is airing a new special on Joe Exotic and his fellow Tiger King stars this weekend, including deeper speculation and investigation into the Netflix show’s age-old question: did Carole play a role in her husband Don Lewis‘ 1997 disappearance and likely death?

One of the things the new special has uncovered that seemingly lends credence to that theory is an old letter Carole had written to Don’s first wife, Gladys, back in 1990. Carole was having an affair with Don at the time, and in her letter to Gladys, she noted a particularly disturbing line about her own husband at the time, the man named Michael Murdock.

Discussing Murdock, Don, and her predicament, Baskin wrote in the letter (below):

“I had to get out of my marriage [to Murdock] and would have eventually killed my husband to do it.”

Ummm… WHOA!!! That’s pretty direct and disturbing!!!

Now, Baskin herself is confirming she really did write those words, too — but she says they need important context. For one, she claims, Murdock was allegedly physically abusive towards Carole and she often feared for her life around him, hence the desire to kill him to protect her own life. Carole told TMZ (below):

“I only meant [what was in the letter] in the context of self-defense as Mike Murdock was physically abusive to me to the point of causing me to fear for my life.”

If that’s true, that’s obviously understandable, and Carole has previously claimed multiple times before this that Murdock was allegedly remarkably abuse. Still, it’s still an eye-opening thing to write amid Lewis’ own disappearance and so many people wondering whether Carole had something to do with it, ya know?!

BTW, you can see a copy of the letter itself HERE.

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Investigators haven’t moved on anything related to the letter as it may or may not have to do with Lewis’ disappearance, so nothing new on that front yet. Still… it’s quite the eye-opener!

The ID special involving all this drama airs beginning Sunday night, September 27, at 9:00 pm ET… we’ll have to tune in to see if anything can be cleared up among all these Tiger King tales, rumors, stories, and allegations!

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Where do U stand on Carole’s ongoing Don Lewis situation?? Sound OFF about everything there down in the comments (below)…

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