Man Allegedly Forced Cheating Wife To Cut Her Lover’s Head Off

We’re honestly having a hard time with this one…

A New Hampshire man and his wife are both in law enforcement custody right now after the death of a 25-year-old man from the city of Keene. Jonathan Amerault‘s decomposing body was found in the woods last Tuesday, dead from gunshot wounds but also having been beheaded post-mortem, according to investigators.

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Just days after the body was found, 30-year-old Armando Barron (pictured above) of the small town of Jaffrey was arrested and charged in connection with Amerault’s death, as well as other domestic violence charges related to the incident. Armando’s wife, Britany Barron, 31, was also arrested late last week and charged with three counts of falsifying evidence in conjunction with Amerault’s killing. And now, as police detectives have had several days to question the alleged suspects and investigate Amerault’s death, the disturbing allegations are beginning to take shape.

The whole thing allegedly began back on the night of September 19th, according to arrest warrants obtained by People, when Armando went through Britany’s phone and discovered she was having an affair with Amerault, a co-worker of hers at a local medical supply company. Enraged, Armando allegedly beat and strangled Britany, even going so far as to stick a gun in her mouth before she passed out.

The allegations only get worse from there:

While she was unconscious, Armando used his wife’s phone to text Amerault and lure him to a local park in the nearby town of Rindge. With Britany in tow, Armando surprised Amerault at the park later that night, beating the victim before demanding Britany shoot him. She refused, only to have Armando shoot Amerault himself at least three times, according to the arrest affidavit.

Armando then drove Amerault’s body across the state, to a campsite near the Maine border, with Britany following behind in the victim’s car. Once there, he ordered his wife to decapitate Amerault, so that he couldn’t be identified by dental records, reportedly telling her that “once the sun came up the next morning he would forgive her.” Holy s**t…

Britany complied with the forced decapitation — we can’t even imagine — after which Armando ordered her to bury the victim’s body before returning to the couple’s home alone.

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Britany was arrested near the campsite the next day, after wildlife conservation officers happened upon her and informed the woman she wasn’t allowed to camp in that particular location. She reportedly told the officers that she was in “big trouble,” at which point they discovered Amerault’s abandoned car partially hidden under some brush, and then soon thereafter came upon his headless body. Jeez…

As of Monday, Britany and Armando are both being held without bail as state police continue to investigate the grisly incident. Both parties have pled not guilty to the charges they face.

What a terrifying, gruesome story all around. Ugh…

Our thoughts and prayers are with Amerault’s family, friends, and loved ones as they try to cope with this senseless and unimaginable tragedy.

[Image via New Hampshire State Police]

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