Amber Rose Joins OnlyFans, Promises You’ll ‘See EVERYTHING’

Rejoice, lovers of quality nudity and supports of freeing the nipple! Amber Rose has joined OnlyFans!

And unlike some celebs the sex positive Slut Walk Festival founder is not doing it as some kind of trick to scam people out of money. She’s legit getting nude!

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In her announcement on Instagram, she captioned a quick looping vid of jiggling her ass cheeks:

“Here’s a lil freebie hit the link to see EVERYTHING”

And she isn’t kidding! We have it on good authority Muva is making good on that promise already — just hours after launch!

OnlyFans used to be a revenue source for adult performers and sex workers, but in recent days celebs have begun treating the platform like some kind of pay version of Instagram. No sex or nudity, just the same type of risqué posts as always.

Former Disney star Bella Thorne made headlines by making $2 million in her first two days on the app — only to be revealed to be promising “naked” photos behind the paywall only to not deliver, leading to a record number of requests for money back. The company was forced to change its rules, hurting the wallets of all the legit adult entertainers.

But like we said, Amber ain’t like that! But you can find out for yourself if so inclined!

[Image via Amber Rose/Instagram.]

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Oct 01, 2020 15:18pm PDT

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