SNL Returns With A Bang: Jim Carrey & Chris Rock Impress In A Hilarious Season Opener!

Saturday Night Live returned on, well, Saturday night (LOLz) for its season 46 premiere, and it couldn’t have all come together at a better time!

With the American presidential election just about a month away, there is SO much to talk about and lampoon, and last night’s episode of the show seriously proved just how fine a point the writing staff in NYC has on the showdown between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

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With the usual suspect — Alec Baldwin — showing out in his familiar Trump get-up, having perfected the voice and mannerisms of our President, Jim Carrey stepped up to the plate to offer a similarly hilarious, fresh, and new take on Biden! And as you can see from the show’s debate spoof cold open (above), it was AH-Mazing!!! Seriously, Carrey had us rolling on the floor laughing with some of the things his Biden did on last night’s show!

Hosted by Chris Rock, the season 46 premiere was truly strong and memorable from top to bottom. Not only did that cold open hit the spot, but Rock’s monologue itself was perfectly tuned (below) — something we’ve come to expect from one of the best comedians of his time:

Love it!!!

Rock himself was far from finished, though, as a few of his skits really landed well, too. The ‘NBA Bubble’ one in particular had us laughing, but as you can see (below), he definitely hit a few home runs last night with his effort on the live comedy sketch show:


So great!

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The evening’s musical guest was none other than the ever-present Megan Thee Stallion, who herself is enjoying a moment in the spotlight right now! And we can’t get enough of her!!

The rapper performed twice during the show last night, bringing down the house with her music while also at one point sending a poignant political message, as well:

Get it, girl!!!

And even beyond the big-name stars, last night’s season premiere was truly a team effort across the board! Many of the other sketches and moments landed well, too!

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Ch-ch-check out all the rest of the best from Saturday night’s debut, all down (below):

Ha! Love it! Especially love the fresh, new take on The Drew Barrymore Show there at the end!! LOLz!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?! Funny AF or what?? Let us know what you think!!!

Sound OFF about last night’s episode of SNL and everything else going on politically with Donald Trump and the rest of ’em, all down in the comment section (below)!!!

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Oct 04, 2020 08:34am PDT

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