Alyssa Milano clarifies stance on ‘defund the police’ movement after incident near her home

Alyssa Milano clarified her stance on the “defund the police” movement Tuesday, weeks after officers were called to her neighborhood to respond to a potential active shooter that turned out to be a false alarm.

The actress caught backlash last month when it was revealed that officers responded to a possible gunman near her home in the Bell Canyon area of Ventura County, Calif. Many criticized the star for needing the assistance of officers despite being an outspoken critic of police and calling for departments across the nation to be defunded.

Speaking on “The View,” Milano was asked about her assertion on Twitter that “rightwing media & trolls” claimed she was the one who called the police.

“Someone that was staying in my neighbor’s house, house sitting, saw a man dressed all in black with what appeared to be shotgun,” the “Charmed” actress explained. “She called the police, we found out about it from helicopters overhead and about seven SWAT cars came to the house.”


Alyssa Milano clarified her stance on the Defund the Police movement.

Alyssa Milano clarified her stance on the Defund the Police movement. (Getty)

She went on to clarify that responding to an active shooter situation is the exact kind of thing that police are trained for and does not negate her support of the defund the police movement in any way.

“By the way, there was reason to call the police in that moment and I think what we’re facing right now is the need for almost like a radical reconstruction of society,” she explained. “I have used the hashtag #DefundthePolice before and I want to be really clear on what that means. It means that we need to take funds, which by the way they are funded very heavily –­­ they are basically militarized at this point –­­ and we need to take some of that money and put it into the communities of color to chip away, at the very least, to chip away at the systemic racism and inequalities.”

She continued: “So, in my opinion, the call to my house was exactly the type of situation that police officers are trained for and should be responding to. And, of course, I will always support the police coming in and making communities safe, but what we would also love to see is equally trained non-police professionals respond to things like addiction and mental health issues and nonviolent events so that these brave police officers can do their jobs that they’re so good at doing, that they demonstrated at our house.”


Milano previously revealed that police searched the area for two hours and ultimately determined that the person her neighbor called the police on was a man hunting squirrels with an air rifle.

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