‘Red sweater guy’ Ken Bone reveals his choice in 2020 presidential race

Ken Bone, the red sweater-wearing man who went viral after asking a question in 2016 during a Donald Trump-Hillary Clinton presidential debate, has announced his latest endorsement in the 2020 presidential race.

“I voted Clinton in ’16 and this morning I sealed my mail-in ballot having voted for Jo Jorgensen,” Bone tweeted Wednesday morning. “I don’t agree with either of them 100% but felt they were the best options available to me at the time.”

Jorgensen is the Libertarian Party candidate, with a Ph.D. in psychology and a background in business and tech. Some of her major campaign issues are the $26 trillion national debt, ending foreign wars and the U.S. incarceration rate.


She recently told the “Fox News Rundown” podcast that her ideal America would look like “one giant Switzerland” with free markets and a strong military that’s not used as “the world’s policeman.”

“The number one she has going for her is her foreign policy in my view,” Bone wrote in a separate tweet. He also criticized the notion of “world police.”

Bone, who said he lives in Illinois, which Clinton won in 2016, pushed back against critics who said a third-party vote would be a waste.

“Keep voter shaming though, it’s great for democracy,” he said to one Twitter user, pledging to sign the deed to his house over if his home state “goes red.”

The endorsement comes a week after Bone told local media that he’d been unsatisfied by the debate between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

“During the last election cycle, they called me an ‘undecided voter,'” Bone told Fox 2 Now last Tuesday. “The right term is ‘uncommitted voter,’ and there’s millions of us out there because they don’t really like either of these candidates.”

In February, he said he was part of the “#YangGang” in support of Andrew Yang, a liberal tech entrepreneur who subsequently dropped out of the race after failing to gain traction. His signature policy proposal was the universal basic income – a plan that would give each American adult a $1,000 monthly payment that would be paid for by new taxes on Amazon, Google and robotics. On the campaign trail, Yang often said he had support among libertarians, despite his progressive proposals.

Bone, wearing his red cardigan sweater, initially went viral as an undecided voter in 2016 when he asked a question of then-candidates Trump and Clinton about energy at a town hall-style debate.


“What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job loss for fossil power plant workers?” he asked.

But his wholesome image was tarnished somewhat after Reddit users found a number of controversial old posts made from his account.

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