88-year-old Massachusetts man completes walk ‘around the world’

An 88-year-old Massachusetts man, after more than three decades, just accomplished a major feet: his daily walks through Mattapoisett have logged 24,901 miles – equal to circling the world at the equator.

“He told me that, for my health, I better start walking,” Brad Hathaway said about doctor advice he got 32 years ago. “I had heart problems. I had diabetes. I had other health problems.”


Last Saturday, he celebrated the final mile with friends and family.

He has been trying to set an example.

“I hope more people will get out and be active,” Hathaway said. “I hear a lot of people now, when they get to this stage in life, they kind of give up. But I’m not going to give up, I’m going to keep walking. I’m going to keep walking as long as I can. When my time comes, that’s when I’ll stop.”

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