Chris Wallace says both Pence, Harris had a ‘pretty good night,’ calls them out for ‘ducking’ questions

Fox News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace saw the vice presidential debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris as a draw, but chastised both candidates for “ducking” various questions from moderator Susan Page throughout the night.

Wallace, who moderated the first debate between President Trump and Joe Biden last week, noted that Harris “ducked the question about [abortion] restrictions or lack of restrictions in California, [but] Mike Pence did the exact same with restrictions in Indiana.

“I thought her worst refusal to answer … was on the packing of the [Supreme] Court,” Wallace went on, “but I thought Pence had an equally egregious refusal to answer when he was asked what would you do about protecting people with preexisting conditions and he absolutely refused to even discuss the issue.”

Wallace concluded that both candidates had a “pretty good night,” citing Harris’ health care-related attacks on the Trump administration as her strongest moment while Pence was most effective on the “left-wing agenda” that a Biden administration would pursue.


“I thought that it was actually a pretty even night,” Wallace concluded. “I don’t think it’s gonna change the narrative very much. I do want to say, though, it is the first debate I’ve ever seen where there was a bug crawling around on one candidate’s head for about two or three minutes, and I do not think we can let this evening go without mentioning that.”

Wallace was refering to a fly that landed on the president’s head late in the debate and remained there for approximately two to three minutes.

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