So THIS Is What Happened To Demi Lovato’s Engagement Ring After Rough Split From Max Ehrich…

Demi Lovato is completely done with her recent engagement, free of all entanglements, and ready to move on!

As you’ll no doubt recall, the pop princess split from fiancé Max Ehrich late last month, days after he was again called out by fans for thirsting over other celebs. And now, about two weeks after the breakup rocked the gossip world, the singer is finally closing the book on one final thing: THAT BIG OL’ ROCK!

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According to a source who confirmed as much to E! News on Thursday evening, the superstar songstress did officially return the $1 million+ engagement ring to Max at some point “earlier this week.” That’s a nice gesture!

We also learned a little bit more about the piece of jewelry itself, too!

Not that it matters now, but the seven-figure ring wasn’t entirely new. Instead, it contained diamonds that had previously belonged to each party in addition to all the costly bling:

“Part of the ring was made from a diamond that was hers. Part of it was his.”

That’s actually pretty sweet and special! Er, well, you know, if things had worked out. Alas, it’s probably for the best that the drama appears to be fizzling out now, as they both ride off into the future apart from each other and —- wait, sorry, what’s that? You’re saying Max is STILL publicly commenting about the breakup?! Oh, no!

Here we go again…

TMZ got the 29-year-old actor at LAX on Thursday — presumably flying back into town from Atlanta where he’d been on location filming Southern Gospel for much of the last month.

Ehrich is hard to understand, mumbling in a loud terminal with his hood up, sunglasses on, and a mask covering his face (which is good!), but he still says a lot of insightful things about his split from the Sorry Not Sorry singer, regardless!

When asked about her new breakup song Still Have Me, he side-stepped the question but still complimented his ex:

“She’s the best artist of our generation, so I support her music forever and always. I haven’t heard it, but I’m sure it’s amazing.”

Haven’t heard it?! Yeah, sure, dude. He did acknowledge, however, that he’s apparently going to let things go as far as post-breakup drama goes, and added he’s going to “let her be” as the two of them go their separate ways:

“I’ll have to let her be, and I’m going to be. And whatever is the healthiest and the safest for both of us … Trust me, I want her to be the happiest person in the world.”

Good! He’s done enough weird s**t on social media for a lifetime! Shut it down, now, dude.

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Oh, and speaking of social media, the Young and the Restless alum had a lot to say about how he still feels Lovato’s followers are bullying him on the internet! Here we go with his desire to “make” his “art” yet again:

“That’s ridiculous. I think we’re both anti-bullying people, so people should stop bullying people. It’s silly. What people think it’s about has nothing to do with what is actually happening, so they shouldn’t read into things, or believe what they are reading. We’re just two human beings going through a [rough] time, and I hope the media can respect us as human beings, and just leave us alone, and let us make our art, make our music, make our movies, make our TV shows, and just leave us alone.”

Uhhhh… OK!

Here’s the full video (below):

What can we even say? Just another wacky day at LAX! LOLz!!!

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Will this be the last we ever hear from Max Ehrich? Are things really over and done with?? Or are there more PR stunts and public controversies to be had here?? Call us pessimists, but something tells us this isn’t the last thing we’ll write about the actor’s split from Lovato! Sound OFF with your thoughts down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Demi Lovato/Max Ehrich/Instagram]

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