Rep. Mo Brooks: I support Donald Trump because he stands for security, prosperity and liberty

I support Donald Trump for president because his policies are right for America. In contrast, Joe Biden’s policies are dead wrong.

America is the greatest nation in world history. Our standard of living is envied by most. Our military prowess is unmatched. Our individual freedoms and liberty are unequaled.

America is great because our foundational principles give us the liberty and freedom to excel as individuals, which means collectively we excel as a nation.


As a republic, American citizens control our government.

Our Bill of Rights protects individual liberty from excessive government power and is premised on the belief that a government powerful enough to give us anything is powerful enough to take away everything we have.

America is blessed with moral values that guide us to do the right thing with our economic and military power.

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America’s free enterprise economy has made us the world’s greatest economic superpower. More than 230 years of economic Darwinism and survival of the fittest means today’s American businesses deliver goods and services better, faster or cheaper than ever before. All Americans benefit from that.

But America is at risk. Great nations first weaken from within before falling from without. America’s greatest threat is not China, Russia, North Korea or Iran. Rather, America’s greatest threats are socialist democrat policies that work to destroy the very foundational principles that have made us who we are.

Presidents come and go, but their policies affect America for decades or centuries to come. Hence, on Election Day, American voters must focus on candidates’ policies because they are a president’s long-term legacy. In that vein, please consider:

Border Security. America’s porous Southern border kills Americans and destroys family incomes. Roughly 2,000 Americans are dead each year at the hands of illegal aliens. Another 30,000 Americans die each year from overdoses on illegal narcotics smuggled through our Southern border. The Illegal alien labor tsunami distorts labor markets, costs jobs and suppresses incomes American families sorely need. President Trump supports border security. Joe Biden supports illegal alien amnesty and porous borders.

America’s greatest threats are socialist democrat policies that work to destroy the very foundational principles that have made us who we are.

Fair Elections. Fair and honest elections are a republic’s bedrock. America must stop voter fraud and election theft by imposing election safeguards and requiring voter I.D. Biden opposes voter I.D and supports voting processes that enhance voter fraud and election theft. Worse, Biden’s team seeks to take American governments from American citizens by letting non-citizens vote. Exhibit A: Democrat-run cities like San Francisco, where it is legal for illegal aliens and lawful immigrants to not only register to vote but actually vote in city elections

Rule of Law Versus Riots and Crime. Socialist democrats give criminals voting rights. What do criminals want for their vote? Weak, “soft on crime” politicians and police defunding that risk American lives. Trump “backs the blue” and supports law and order.

Free Enterprise or Socialism. Free enterprise is the bedrock of America’s economy and is based on liberty, freedom and trust in Americans to do their best with their God-given talents. Conversely, socialism has failed in every country that has tried it (if “failure” is defined as an economy unable to support both an adequate security net and a strong national defense).  


Irrational Environmental Extremism. Americans support clean air, clean water and proper disposal of hazardous wastes – major victories of the 1960s and 1970s. But today’s environmentalists advocate policies that will impoverish America and destroy our environment. Environmental safeguards cost money. A debilitated American economy cannot afford environmental protection costs, thus rendering us unable to protect our environment. Similarly, Biden seeks to kill American oil and gas production and consumption in America, causing two bad effects. First, Biden destroys America’s energy independence movement, returning America to the horrible days of OPEC and Middle Eastern oil addiction. Remember the 1970s OPEC oil embargo? Thus, Biden threatens both our economy and national security. Second, Biden’s plan undermines America’s power grid. Does America really want to copy California’s electricity blackouts and brownouts? I hope not. 

If you prefer border security over open borders, fair and honest elections, safer streets over riots and mayhem, liberty and free enterprise over dictatorial socialism, prosperity and reliable energy, then this election is a no-brainer. Donald Trump is the only choice.


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