Sen. Tom Udall: Vote Joe Biden — he will defeat coronavirus, rebuild our economy and fight for you

For most Americans, this year has presented challenges unlike any we’ve ever experienced. More than 229,000 Americans have died from COVID-19. Millions more are out of work because of the resulting economic crisis. Businesses have shuttered — some for good. Schools are closed. Life has been upended. 

Even at this moment of immense pain for the nation, we are witnessing the best of the United States. Essential workers and health care workers have stepped up to serve their communities. Many Americans are donating their time or resources to a local charity or food bank. 

But the fact is, while so many Americans are asking how they can help right now, the American people haven’t gotten the help they need and deserve from their leaders. The COVID-19 crisis has not been a failure of the American people. It has been a failure of leadership.


President Trump and his administration are not responsible for the coronavirus. But they are responsible for their failure to respond to it effectively.

They failed to develop a national strategy to contain this virus so our economy could come back, schools could open their doors, and people could get back to their lives.

They failed to promote the best, science-proven strategies to slow the spread, instead setting a poor example for the nation and our children.

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They failed to mobilize to ensure our health care workers had the personal protective equipment and supplies to keep themselves and our communities safe.

And they failed to show leadership — to bring Republicans and Democrats together on another relief package to give struggling Americans the resources they need to stay on their feet. 

 So as we approach Election Day, the American people have a choice.

They can choose to continue down the path we’re on — with a president who insists at the worst moment of the pandemic that “we are turning the corner,” and who has no plan in place to defeat this virus so we can get back to normal, American life.

Or they can pick a new path — where we take decisive action to beat COVID-19 and to build back our economy and our country better. That’s the path offered by Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris of California. 

In contrast to the current president, Joe Biden has articulated a plan for how we will defeat COVID-19. He will listen to the scientists — encouraging proven steps like mask-wearing and social distancing, instead of burying our heads in the sand.


Joe Biden will develop our capacity for widespread, free, rapid testing and contact tracing to crush the virus. He will protect your health care, instead of trying to take it away during a pandemic, as the Trump administration is trying to do. 

 And Joe Biden will show the leadership necessary to deliver the economic relief that struggling Americans so desperately need.

During this pandemic, President Trump has cheered as the richest Americans have actually gotten even richer — by the billions, boosted by the Trump tax cut for the wealthiest few. Meanwhile, working people are losing ground, having difficulty making ends meet and putting food on the table. 


Joe Biden will fight for working Americans — because that’s who he is. That’s where he comes from. He sees this country through the eyes of someone who grew up in Scranton, not on Park Avenue. He will fight for you like he fights for his own family. 

Joe Biden has the experience, the decency, the compassion, and the plans to unite this country, to restore the soul of our nation, and to build us back better. That’s why I’m proud to support him – and I hope you will too. 

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